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  • XMAS 2004

    Welcome to the Manning Close Christmas Tree.

    The tree is located in MANNING CLOSE, McGRATHS HILL NSW.

    The Creation
    The first thoughts of decorating this large 12m pine tree came about one Sunday afternoon when a few neighbours got together and one said "You know, that would make a great Christmas Tree", and from there it started to grow.

    The Construction
    With the thanks of;
  • B & R BRAKES
  • and the neighbours in Manning Close
    Lights were gathered, a HUGE STAR purchased for the centrepiece at the top, and a cherrypicker hired, and construction began.

    The Tragedy
    The tree was up and looked terrific. Many families had come and gazed upon our tree. The star at the top could be clearly seen from a distance. And then tragedy struck. A storm came through on Saturday the 11th of December. The tree was swaying, lightning was striking, everything was fine and then a large gust of wind came through, driving rain horizontally and then with a loud CRACK it snapped the support post for the STAR.

    I happened to be watching the tree at that fateful moment, and my heart fell. After the storm had cleared, my neighbours came out to survey the damage. When they saw the star now hanging about 3 metres above the ground, instead of where it was at 12 metres, they felt as I did. We took the star down the rest of the way, and thankfully, the star was intact and still functioning.

  • The Appeal
    Gary from FONEFITZ, contacted Luke Bona at 2GB, who gladly put a call out for any assistance that could be offered to us to resurrect our star. Within minutes we had several calls one of which was Michael from McMAHON'S POWER LINES at Kurrajong, who offered one of his trucks and operators to resurrect the Star.

    The Resurrection
    8:30am on Monday morning, Mick & Geoff from McMAHON'S POWER LINES arrived ready to go. They quickly had the lift in the air and bringing down the wounded star. With a few modifications and a new, stronger pole attached, it was soon on its way back to the top.

    The Charity
    Along with the donation of the cherrypicker, were some kind donations of money through 2GB. One of the first was Paul from ACTION STEEL in Condell Pk. All money received will be spent on purchasing equipment for the CHILDREN's WARD at HAWKESBURY HOSPITAL. We have been told that some mobile video and games units would be most useful and appreciated.

    The Target
    We would dearly love to be able to purchase and supply these units for the ward, so our Target is 2 x complete units comprising of
  • Mobile trolley
  • TV
  • Video/DVD player
  • Game console
    along with several games.

  • The Presentation
  • Thank you to all the visitors to our tree located in MANNING CLOSE, McGRATHS HILL.
  • We did reach our target and presented the Children's Ward at Hawkesbury Hospital with 2 TV's, 2 x Video Player/Recorder's and 2 Sony Play Stations.
  • Trolleys were donated by another local business, Ross Engineering.
  • 100% of all money received went to the Childrens Ward.
  • Click Here to send an E-Mail.
  • We look forward to doing it all bigger and better next year.
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