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Welcome to Lytnin's Bits & Pieces.

My Web Site Design experience encompasses many aspects. From simple HTML pages to complex database driven systems.

Below are a few examples of Site's I have worked on.

Windsor Lock & Key
is a Site written in Perl/CGI and uses a flat text file as the database.
Manning Christmas
is a site similar to WLNK however it uses PHP & MySQL. Some nice features in here are the Photo Gallery & Guestbook, which has anti-spam procedures built in.

Bootscooters International
is a template based site. The owners wanted some simple templates that they could maintain themselves. Since their host did not support PHP & SQL, this site was created using javascript to generate the dynamic template based pages.
Castle Ski Snowboard Hire
is a site that I maintain. This has no database built in and is all HTML & CSS design.
Tantrix Tournaments
is a site that extensively uses PHP & MySQL. This is the most complex database site I have built to date. This site runs the Tantrix Tournaments held throughout the world. It incorporates several levels of Administration, hundreds of possible page views, linking to history of previous tournaments. The previous system relied on one person manually updating Excel spreadsheets and publishing the results based on form submissions from players. All of this is now automated from when the result forms are completed. The results pages are updated instantly.
is a site used to collect Weather data from Weather Stations located throughout Australia. This site has restricted user access which allows certain users access to the stations they are allocated. There are extensive graphs & tables that the user can view & export in a variety of formats. This is PHP & MySQL driven.
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